Background History

The name "Ropheka" originates from the Hebrew name "Jehovah Ropheka" which means "I am the Lord that heals you". Exodus 15:26  We see a need we seek to fulfill it. Body Mind & Soul. 

Ropheka is located at a community based locations.  The organization has been incorporated as a 501 c-3 tax exempt organization since September 1993. Currently located at 3186 Empire Boulevard, Atlanta Georgia 30354  

We currently provide temporary emergency housing for individuals for up to 12-months in duration. Long term we will provide affordable housing that is acquired from banks as foreclosed properties that we renovate through revitalization initiatives. The renovations are done by participants trained through our workforce development programs. Ropheka partners with contractors and pre-apprentice trainers to provide skill development for unemployed men and women. 

Ropheka R.W.M. Inc., is a federation member of the Georgia Black United Fund (GBUF) and the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), which administers employee charitable contributions from State, City and Federal employees. Individual employees may designate Ropheka R.W.M. Inc., through their payroll deductions.

Federal Contribution Codes:   -Federal Code: 24840

                                   - State Code: 19124

                                  - City Code: 1020